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Dr. Noftz is a Family Medicine trained physician and is Board Certified by The American Board of Family Medicine. He started his medical career at The University of Toledo Medical Center (formerly known as Medical College of Ohio) as the Director of Primary Care/Sports Medicine. He moved his practice to The Bowling Green Clinic in 2004 and was hired as the Head Team Physician/Primary Care for Bowling Green State University. With the much appreciated support from Wood County Hospital, Dr. Noftz has left the practice at The Bowling Green Clinic and established Heritage Primary Care and Sports Medicine. He continues to serve as the Head Team Physician for Bowling Green State University. A licensed Physical Therapist as well as physician, Dr. Noftz’ education and experience enables him to diagnose, treat and care for any primary care need. His expertise in musculoskeletal conditions including traumatic and overuse injuries allows him to offer a more specialized assessment and treatment plan for those conditions. He also serves as the Medical Director for Heritage Corner Health Campus and provides primary care services many of the clients residing there.